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Our Story
We believe in bias for action - the ‘just do it’ attitude. As a founder you never sit still. We’d rather have you focussing on growing your business instead of spending valuable months desperately trying to raise the capital you need to accelerate. Founders should focus on discovering, connecting and getting funded.

Discovering new possibilities is key in building a business. Learning from experts, peers but most of all, your own mistakes. We help founders with gathering insights in their own company but also help them develop their own skills.


We go further than introductions, we connect with the right people. We know investors, enterprises in your industry and other founders. You connect with us, so we connect you with our network of other entrepreneurs who are committed to invest in early stage startups. We go beyond connecting. We get things done.

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We make funding accessible, fast and simple for founders whom we believe in. We take the guesswork out of the search for qualified investors, work with founder-friendly terms and data-driven validation. We make rounds happen in days rather than months.

Our Partners

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Founder IconFounder
  • Check Icon1 I’m building my MVP or scaling after early traction
  • Check Icon1 I’m looking for €20k - €150k funding
  • Check Icon1 I have the ‘action first’ mentality
  • Check Icon1 I feel there should be better ways to fundraise than cold outreach and endless networking events
  • Check Icon1 I have the ambition to scale my startup and have a plan on how to get there
  • Sounds like me, tell me more
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    Investor IconInvestor
  • Check Icon2 I believe in diversified portfolios
  • Check Icon2 I want to manage my entire startup investment portfolio in one place
  • Check Icon2 I’m looking to commit at least about €50k for startup investments this year
  • Check Icon2 I believe in using objective data to follow a startup’s progress
  • Check Icon2 I prefer co-investing in many rounds over financing a big round by myself
  • Sounds like me, tell me more